The importance of SEO for the “survival” of companies


Have you heard of the acronym “SEO”?

SEO, “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimization”, is based on the idea that it is possible, by applying certain techniques and standards, to improve the positioning of an online page in Google searches. Namely, from a company that dominates 90% of Internet searches today.

In other words, with a better search position, a website has more exposure. Therefore, more visits; and, in the case of online businesses, more sales and income.

A survey carried out by the Sherlock agency, called “The SEO Scenario in Latin America”, published this week, shows some relevant data to the scenario of the use of online search tools.


Google appears as the most used search engine, with 97.52% of the responses

And when buying, most search for the product to learn more. However, the curious thing is that a large part only accesses the first results.

Thus, when looking for a high-value product, 44% of them stop only the first three results, while an average of 58% do not go beyond the third page. But only 31% continue into a deeper investigation.


SEO in Marketplace

Like Google and others, there are a variety of marketplaces on the Internet. The main ones are Mercado Libre and Amazon.

Therefore, each Marketplace has its own classification criteria to consider the degree of relevance and positioning of products in each survey.

In other words, the SEO market is internal. Its main objective is to position your products in the internal searches of each marketplace.

Source: Yahoo Finance