What is Data Driven and how this culture can help your business

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With the process of accelerated digital transformation, a new corporate branch emerges for companies in all sectors. The emergence of new technologies, such as Big Data and Business Intelligence, has made this trend gain strength in recent years.

Data Driven Marketing is more than a technological process. It is a true philosophy in which data is centralized in your business.

This article is for technology enthusiasts, marketing professionals and especially for managers who want to improve their strategies and extract the best results for your company. We will explain the concept of a Data Driven culture, step by step how to adopt this successful model and why to apply it in your company.

What is Data Driven Culture?

Data Driven is the consolidation of the use of data to define processes, strategies and actions through the transformation of data into accurate and relevant information for decision making. Working with this culture in your company will stimulate an increase in earnings and online performance of your business.

Making the most of opportunities in the digital environment based on valuable information in order to make your company competitive in the market is the dream of every manager, right? The data itself has no value for stocks and strategies. You need to handle the data correctly to extract relevant information to achieve your goals.

Optimized Strategies

With the use of data we can create analytical models about the user behavior – this information is fundamental for the development of the action plan.

Understanding user behavior helps deliver the best digital experience. Positive experiences are the gears that will make your metrics, KPI’S, Marketing goals and objectives successful.


Reduction with operational costs

Since data provides a better understanding of their business, companies that consolidate their Data Driven culture, reduce unnecessary expenses and achieve their goals in a much longer time than a traditional company, since the process of digital transformation concerns the authority of the brand and the approach to the ideal target audience.


Higher Conversion Rate

It is impossible to talk about data culture without mentioning the increase in conversions. Working with the right information dramatically increases your company’s conversion power.

The use of I.A. provides acquisition of qualified leads and attracts to the home page of your website potential leads so that the sales department is ready to convert.


Rooted data culture in your business’s organizational model

Invest in information to work with information. The role of a manager is to integrate all the professionals involved in the importance of the data culture for the company.

This mentality needs to be put into practice every day so that its processes are branched to all sectors.

The standardization of internal and external processes helps in the productivity gain and profitability of your business.


What is the importance of becoming a Data Driven company?

In traditional models it is common that decisions are not rational, but purely emotional, based on achisms and intuitions. In a Data Driven management, decisions are made based on precise, concrete and relevant data to your strategy.

For this reason, a data-driven company has a higher rate of success in its strategies and goals.

However, for that, it is necessary that the Data Driven culture is rooted in the organization so that its actions can be applied efficiently. Analysts need to know how to analyze, what tools to use for each analysis and use the available data, so that they are transformed into relevant information for strategic planning.

How to become a Data Driven company?

Now that you understand the concept of a data culture, let’s understand how to transform your company into a data oriented company – establishing a Data Driven culture.

Change in mentality

To apply the Data Driven culture in your company it is necessary to change the mentality of all professionals involved. It is essential that everyone understands the importance of this data culture.

Thus, it is necessary to invest in your team, showing the main advantages of building data oriented planning.


Data Accessibility

If you want to implement the Data Driven culture in your company, it is necessary to ensure that data is accessible to all, always safeguarding the security and restriction of sensitive information.


Mobile Speed

Sites that have low loading speed may compromise the quality of the captured data.

Therefore, it is essential that the organization is always attentive to the speed of the site and its infrastructure, so that the loading time is always optimized.

Reliable sources

Data is the central point of Data Driven management. Therefore, it is extremely important that the information is acquired through reliable and secure sources, in a responsible and transparent manner.

By obtaining the information correctly, it can be stored online and offline. This combination allows, for example, the company to understand the consumer in a detailed way.


Appropriate tools

The choice of tools is also a fundamental step in transforming your company into a Data Driven.

Being aware of new technologies and using them to your advantage is essential if you want to improve your business performance and stand out from the competition.


Tools like Big Data and Business Intelligence, for example, are capable of analyzing large amounts of data quickly, securely and efficiently.

For this, many organizations choose to hire the services of specialized and experienced companies with these tools to help the process.




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