Optimization of your Marketing ROI


Optimization of your Marketing ROI

It is necessary to understand that marketing is the tool capable of measuring intangible data, building strategies based on data storage and its analysis. For SEM campaigns it is impossible not to mention metrics, KPI’s, data correlations and marketing return on investment (ROI) optimization.

Applying artificial intelligence to the Digital Marketing of your business, allows us to track, collect, measure, analyze and track all relevant data in the most diverse communication channels.

Marketing Analytics and Data Analytics are the tools that will analyze data stored or captured in sensitive information for its proper handling, without a prior analysis, excess data can be detrimental to support a decision making.

In SEM strategies it is necessary to identify which channels are generating greater conversions and a better performance in your marketing strategy.

If the return on investment is negative, you need to correlate which metrics and KPI’s have an affinity rate and correlation with each other, so that your optimizations improve the ROI value.


The first step is the continuous monitoring of data on the most diverse platforms your business meets and relates to its target audience.
There are several methods of data capture, such as:

– Monitoring codes
– Conversion pixel
– Event Pixel
– Monitoring of data obtained by google search console
– Follow-up of data obtained by google my Business

For example, once the accompanying codes and pixels are properly configured and installed. You want to know the correlation index of people who downloaded an e-book in your site with the ideal profile of your target audience.

In this case, achisms and intuitions, can contribute a lot to the negative return of ROI, it is important to analyze the target audience of the segmentation chosen, the rate of clicks (rate of views of the ad in relation to the clicks), time of visitation on the destination page, rate of rejection, devices used, among others.

We know that each tool has different metrics and that is why it is important to cross the metrics and understand the degree of correlation between them. This way, you will be optimizing and directing your strategy to a better decision making.

Continuous monitoring can save your Marketing ROI

Working as a data analyst can become a challenging scenario, as the profession requires an analytical capability to observe and measure all sensitive data in real time, track metrics, KPI’s and user behavior, and prevent “vanity metrics” from hindering the analytical capability to identify what are the key elements for generating a good recipe.

A very common behavior among analysts is to identify insights through the reading of data (data storytelling). Identifying trends and behavior patterns is very important for marketing strategy and ROI optimization.

Define the periodicity of data analysis with your client, can generate positive and significant changes on each action outlined in the action plan of your company. We know that data analysis is a routine activity in the day to day of the data analyst.

The data its relations, causes and consequences

As discussed in the previous topics, we understand that data analysis allows us to transform a set of data, measure it, relate it, quantify it and finally transform it into information (without achism) of value for marketing strategy.

Making intelligent decisions concerns the maintenance of the marketing return on investment (ROI) health,
Creating strategies based on the behavior of your target audience/persons allows us to target and reduce unnecessary costs.

Through these tools we braid the best strategies, identify more opportunities and generate valuable insights for assertive decision making. Know where you want to go, how to go and how long it will take to get there.

Take control of risks and say goodbye to unwanted events that negatively influence the return on investment of each action.

What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence for my marketing ROI?

AI allows automating logical and extremely voluminous processes, avoiding manual errors and costs. However, for this, trained professionals are needed to configure the system.
Technology optimizes processes and improves your business performance.

Among the applications of AI is the predictability of markets, behaviors and processes due to the large data analysis that identifies patterns and establishes forecasts from past events.
Through predictive analysis using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence it is possible to consider infinite data and scenarios to identify the most likely events, helping in a more effective and strategic decision making.

Data Deepening
Big Data has already made possible, for some years, a systematic analysis of the data. However, the AI has deepened this interpretive capacity, generating more intelligence from the analysis of information.
Thus, even a company that is competing with a competitor using similar techniques can differentiate itself enormously if it has a good data set and applies AI in the identification of patterns and forecasts, allowing to extract more complex and valuable information from the data.

Constant improvement
Artificial Intelligence enables a constant evolution in the use of data, because it uses neural networks with several layers that are used to build more complex and effective interpretive structures.
To adopt Deep Learning the company needs great data so that the model can learn from this information. In addition, the more data is entered into the model, the more effective it becomes.

So, now that you have learned how to optimize the return on investment of your company’s marketing.

Are you prepared to take your marketing strategies to another level?
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