Website optimization

Your website is your cover letter on the Internet. When someone comes to your website and sees it neglected, it is as if they came to your physical business and saw it without maintenance. How do you think someone would react if they see a poorly functional website? Most likely, it would cause you mistrust. Hence the importance of keeping your website in optimal condition.

An optimized website improves the user experience and invites the visitor to return and the search engines rank it better. You know that your website is in optimal condition when:

Charges in less than 5 seconds.

Has no broken links

Has a blog

Has the SSL certificate

Has a good number of keywords

It has a variety of titles (H1, H2, H3, etc.)

All your images have Alt attributes

In other aspects

We help you with the optimization of your website

At Metrica Plus we can help you optimize your website so that it performs better on the internet:

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We analyze the current situation of your page

We analyze your competitors’ page

We analyze your main keywords

We generate blog posts (and we create it, if you don’t have one)

We generate a backlink strategy to help SEO positioning

We optimize the content permanently

We create your company profiles in all Google measurement tools (Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, My Business, etc.)

We work as a team with you and your programmers to improve loading speed

Are you ready to position yourself
on the first page of Google?

We are fully committed and focused on the development of your business
Increase your sales and stay on top!