Marketplace SEO

Like Google and others, there are a variety of marketplaces on the internet, among them the main ones are: Mercado Livre, Amazon, B2W, Via Varejo.

Each Marketplace has its own ranking criteria to consider the degree of relevance and positioning of products in each search performed.

Marketplace SEO is internal, ie. Its main objective is to position its products in the internal searches of each marketplace.

Know the main metrics that Markeplace SEO consider:

• More organic traffic: Being at the top of a search result means many more clicks and organic traffic to your ads.
• Higher conversion rate: in each search engine, there are logical and mathematical operations working to develop an algorithm that generates the right results for the right search, for the right person, at the right time.
• Reputation and credibility: your account’s reputation is one of the main ranking factors for a marketplace, so SEO in the marketplace starts with reputation and

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In order to offer the best options for the consumer to buy what they are looking for or buying, as their organization is made in an automated and organized way, the suggested products, facilitating the purchase and providing a good customer experience.

Keep in mind the reputation model of your business will encompass the entire purchasing process and user experiences.

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