AI Applied to Digital Marketing

At Metrica Plus we are supporters of the power of Artificial Intelligence, and we know that if we apply it to digital marketing, the results are incredible. For this reason, all our strategies are based on Big Data Marketing and on our own software, unique in the market, which accelerates the SEO process.

Big Data Marketing

The concept of Big Data Marketing refers to the techniques, processes, tools and technology for processing a large volume of data in real time. All this helps us, among other things, to know more and more about our potential consumers.


We obtain information in real time from your website.


We work through analytical tools.


We are constantly monitoring the information that each action we implement gives us.


We take action based on the results.

Our proprietary software: Pink Star

Our AI team developed software that speeds up the SEO process on any website. With it, the organic positioning process of your site can be reduced by 50%.

This program that we implement with all our clients and that has brought them excellent results, is like a pink star. When have you seen any?

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