General monitoring of the health of the site, correcting broken links, optimizing speed, loading time and weight and other metrics. In addition to the continuous monitoring of digital media and users’ experiences with the brand. Sentimental analysis with Scikit-Learn, we can know the positioning of a brand in relation to the competition and how it stands at the top of its audience’s mind.


Expertise analyzing data and extracting results, as well as creating personalized, practical and intuitive reports aligned with Business Intelligence. Through market research, we are able to understand customers’ pains and seek solutions to achieve their previously defined marketing objectives. The application of neuroscience skills and resources, which reveals sensitive data for a greater knowledge of users’ habits and behaviors when consuming a product / service or when impacted by advertising actions.

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Analytics Data

Web analytics allow you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and experience while browsing. With data in hand, we can better target customers, understand user behavior to generate greater conversions. Then, we analyze all data based on business objectives, identifying drains and points for improvement.
We are experts in explaining and inspiring action through history (data storying). With customized and tailored reports for our customers and practical and easy to understand dashboards for better decision making.