Success stories

The results we have obtained working together with marketing agencies and small and medium-sized companies in Brazil, the United States and Mexico; they have been impressive.

Cellular telephony (Mexico)

A company that sells mobile equipment and airtime recharges, located in Guadalajara, obtained in 60 days:

  • 28% increase in clicks on the Reload button.
  • 32 keywords organically positioned in the Top 2 of Google.
  • The cost per click in the SEM campaign decreased by 38%.
  • Mastery strength increased by 60%.

In the client’s words:

We are having exponential results in a short time. We have come a long way in just two months.

Agency specializing in notaries (Brazil)

The client informed us of the difficulty in locating the search engines and the poor performance on social networks. However, after working 30 days with Metrica Plus, he obtained:

  • 327% increase in organic traffic directed to the site.
  • Google recognized the intense targeted and qualified traffic to the site, increasing the authority and relevance of the agency, moving from page 25 to 1 in just 22 days
  • Instagram has become a machine for capturing qualified leads, generating a 1,066% increase in the number of leads (approximately 32 leads per month).

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