Our Case Studies

Seu Cartório na Web, an agency specialized in Notaries and their Associations in Brazil with 7 years of history, offers its clients digital marketing and content marketing services. He informed us of the difficulty of being located in the search engines and low performance on social networks. In order to increase Qualified Leads and engagement in social networks, another factor strongly pointed out was the low relevance and digital authority in search engines.

We started a Web positioning and performance project on social networks. Targeting the ideal target audience and attracting new visitors and improving engagement through user knowledge. The first sample had an experimental budget of R $ 200.00. We built an optimized digital campaign with the goal of traffic to your Webpage. We collect, analyze and structure all data captured in the 22-day period. We did extensive market research, mapped the main competitors, identified the source of qualified traffic, the main channels and the standard CPA (cost per acquisition).

Once the users’ behavior was identified in the explored environment, we started to follow the user’s journey through the sales funnel, which was a rich source of important and pertinent data for the realization of our project in Brazil, with decision making based on Date Analytics for decision-making without major risks and with high competitive value in digital.


As shown in the table below, we compare the organic results of a non-optimized digital campaign with a budget of R $ 600.00. We identified an exponential increase in all metrics analyzed at customer orders, among them: Increase of 327% in organic traffic directed to webpage.


Google recognized the intense targeted and qualified traffic to the Webpage, increasing the authority and relevance of the agency, moving from page 25 to 1 in just 22 days. Instagram has become a machine for capturing qualified Leads generating a 1,066% increase in Lead numbers (approximately 32 Leads per month). Currently, Seu Cartório na Web remains the fastest growing company in the digital transformation and performance segment for Extrajudicial Services in Brazil.

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