Metrica Plus is a data marketing and software development company. Provides a mix of data analytics, software and digital marketing services. Specialized in digital relevance and high performance online presence to clients in a wide variety of industries . Offer longstanding expertise in artificial Intelligence (BI), system integration (SI) and SEO analytics.

We manage, collect and structure all the data relevant for your business to empower the decision making process.

We develop performance algorithms and digital intelligence synchronized to all online and offline platforms. Our digital ecosystem built and planned to generate value and a hyper acceleration of digital marketplaces and services.


✓Experts in search engine optimization (SEO)
✓We create personalized digital strategies
✓We monitor the health of your website
✓Constant monitoring
✓Guaranteed results
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Online Boost Performance

Content distribution, engagement of target audience, lead capture and sales on social networks. Full optimization for social networks.

Marketplace SEO

Amazon SEO service to increase the exposure of the brand and to increase sales.


Improve organic search traffic to your site by optimizing both on-page and off-page search engines.

Data Driven Decision

Drive qualified traffic to your site and increase your conversions. Google Ads certificates.

High Performance Social Media

Deep knowledge in business software marketing. Complete marketing services, including Branding, all aspects of digital. Channel marketing and more.

Marketing Proprietary Software

Data analysis that automates the construction of analytical models for decision making applied to artificial intelligence, data minig, machine learning and deep learning. Increase your presence up to 700%.

Digital Brand Awareness

Brand awareness, consumer involvement in the main channels that increases your online sales and, in turn, builds a stronger proposal for the online buyer.

Analytics & Reporting

Make decisions based on advanced analysis and reporting. Certificates in Google Analytics

Technology Marketing

Extensive knowledge in Marketing of software / IT technology. Comprehensive marketing services, including technical writing

Omni-channel retail strategy

Multichannel approach to sales that focuses on providing the perfect customer experience. Whether the customer is shopping online on a mobile device, laptop or physical store.


Discover our success story with the company Seu Cartório na Web, an agency specialized in notaries and notaries, located in Brazil.
Find out how our SEO optimization took this company to the Google ranking on more than 20 keywords and turned your instagram into a lead acquisition machine in a totally organic way.
Using artificial intelligence your digital campaigns will never be the same, we have developed a unique methodology combined with SEO + AI (Data Marketing + Data Mining) techniques. Build your own analytical model and increase your performance by 300%.