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We are experts in online performance, data marketing and search engine optimization

At Metrica Plus we are a group of experts in artificial intelligence, and we bring our knowledge to the field of digital marketing. We have a presence in Mexico, the United States and Brazil. We are willing to work 100% as a team with you to achieve the results you want to achieve.

Our services are for you if you are:

A small or medium-sized businessman looking for an ally to publicize his
online business.

A digital agency that wants to implement or complement its services
SEO and SEM strategies in a win-win relationship.

What are you going to get working with us?

Organic search engine optimization

We use software that we create ourselves to enhance the SEO of your website.

Knowledge of your potential audience

We work through data marketing strategies to get to know your potential consumers better and provide them with your solutions to problems and needs that they manifest.

Pay strategies on Google

We complement SEO strategies with paid advertising with a minimal and personalized investment.

Nuestro software único en el mercado

We enhance the SEO of your website with our software developed by experts in Artificial Intelligence.

Relevancia online

We constantly work on updating and optimizing the strategies we implement, to obtain better results every month.

Online performance

We are a group of professionals oriented to the fulfillment of objectives, so we demand ourselves to be transparent, objective and committed to you.

How do we do it?

✔ We evaluate the current situation of your website

✔ Based on this evaluation, we define the KPI’s and a starting baseline, which will help us define the objectives for the first month.

✔ We plan a strategy to achieve what we propose and we generate the necessary elements to carry it out.

✔ We launched the campaign.

✔ We measure the results and propose optimizations to overcome them in the following month.

Meet our clients

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Meet our team

Diego Baimeluj
Sales Mexico

Laura Ángeles
Digital Marketing Analyst

Felipe Nogueira

Andre Navarro
Software engineer

Why are we your best option?

✓Experts in search engine optimization
✓We create personalized digital strategies
✓We monitor the health of your website
✓ Constant monitoring
✓ Guaranteed results

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